This site is about life destruction and scarring caused by the authorities siding with abusers or criminals or highly unethical deeds by either being too lenient, being unaccountable themselves or refusing to legislate certain fields in accordance with the Convention of Human Rights, the Rights of the Child and basic human dignity. In many cases, that is the main catalyst for depression, financial ruination and poverty, helplessness and the feeling of vulnerability or general worthlessness. On the other hand, we profusely talk about mental health and how much we care.

Whether you have been abused long-term in any way, used, tricked, conned, defrauded, sleep-deprived, gagged about being abused or against expressing an opinion, lied about in life-changing official reports etc, please, anonymously yet truthfully, tell us your story about how your (and your family’s, especially your children’s) life has been changed for the worse while the creators of the undesirable situation you were forced into against your will got away with it. What’s more, advise if adequate legislation may still not be forthcoming as the need for it is still ignored.

tricked by a web developer for £400 and told he'd be ordered to pay back £5 p/m


as a struggling single mother, after serious domestic abuse and with no family to help, I wanted to rebuild our lives and start a business that required a website for....”

Noisy neighbours with speakers outside, 3 years of abuse!


new neighbours moved in next door in March 2016 and immediately started playing loud music outside to celebrate a child's birthday with the child candle-blowing to fun-fair top noise music...”

rogue used car dealer crook who almost killed us and stole ordered to pay back in years


I am a struggling single mum of several teenagers and don't know much about cars. After a period of depression and tragedies,I went to a used car garage...”

Losing custody of a young child to my abuser


I am foreign to the UK having left very scarring childhood abuse and a war-torn country. So,already,I was severely scarred but somehow mentally strong,positive and bubbly by nature b...”